Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Year in Review

3 days from today, it will be a year since I resigned from my company of 5 years. A big chunk of the decision factor was to conceive by taking out stress from work and from the daily commute. I left the company with a hopeful heart that I would become a mom. Things did not happen the way I wanted.

First quarter of the year was spent helping out and learning my FIL's business. Out of town trips happened thrice in a week due to the demands of the business. And then I started to realize that it was not making any sense. It was not aligned with my reason for resigning. So I laid low.

On June, I lost my precious dad to lung failure. That was when I started to regularly take Metformin and thanks to it,  my AF since then visits me regularly.

August, I started taking infertility/ovulation induction pills. I took it for 2 cycles and to my disappointment, I was not responding to it. My follicles did not mature as they should. My Ob-Gyn said that we can move on to injectable because it is more potent.  I am not on it yet.

This is the point in my life that I just want to surrender everything to God but hey Ivy, you should do your part and God will do His.

The coming year is another year to battle infertility. Another year to be hopeful.

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