Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ovaries on their own again

Two posts down, I talked about being on the pill. I was on it for a few months last year and gaining weight was one of worries. To name a few, I worried about mood swings, water retention and sore breasts. I found out that it really depends with the brand of pill you are taking and how your body will respond to it.

In my case, I chose Yasmin pills. It is the most expensive OCP I know, around 850 pesos but you get what you pay for. It surprised me because it had no side effects at all. It actually helped me with losing weight because my hunger pangs decreased whilst on it. Together with my no rice diet and one cycle of this pill, I lost about 5 lbs in one month.

While on the pill, my skin had become pimple free and my boobies looked fuller. My period came regularly.

The only thing I noticed while I was on the pill was yeast infections came frequently, every other month to be exact. I had one episode of bacterial vaginosis too. Ergo, I decided get off it. So my ovaries are back on their own again =(

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