Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holidays are Just Around the Corner

Wheww!!! It is getting colder and colder each morning and waking up is a hard thing to do. 19 more days and it is the big day. Time flies so fast and one morning all these preps for Xmas are over. I like anticipating the holidays not the days themselves because I know on that day, it is gonna be a long wait again. But I couldn't agree more with hubby, he was so right when he told me last January that "it is gonna be Xmas again soon".


hanna fernando-pacua said...

Hi ivy,

My name is Hanna and I came across your blog when searching for stuff about miscarriages - I am so sorry to hear about yours and I hope you and your husband get your baby wishes!

My hubby and I have been married for 2 years and we just went through a miscarriage (1st baby..) actually, we are still going through it .. we lost the baby's heartbeat but he's still in my tummy. All labor inducing drugs are not working for me - no bleeding no pain or whatever :-( .. OBs cannot perform a D&C because the baby is big already (IUFD was diagnosed at 4.5 months)

It's causing us much stress. Hay, doctors say my case is "one for the books" ...

Sorry I just needed someone to talk to...

Happy Holidays to your family. Our prayers for you

Good Luck,


ivy said...

hi hanna,

thank you for dropping by. I really appreciate your sharing of your story. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I think I had been in a similar situation that I had to carry my baby in my tummy for almost a month after the heartbeat is gone. My OB induced labor with Cytotec and I was ready after a few hours.

I know how difficult it could be carrying your baby knowing that he is still in your tummy but can never be in your arms. I remember what depression I had to go through. Just feel the pain for now, do not listen to people who offer unsolicited advice. No one can understand your situation but a person who went through the same. Just email me if you want someone to talk to

Happy Holidays!

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