Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Something really weird is happening inside me. My last period was on Aug 8th and today October 8th and no period still. I have finished to cycles of Duphaston and no AF still. Las Friday I saw Doc Shiella (Illescas, yes she could be your OB too and she is really really nice) to show her my lab test results. They all turned out within the normal range, thank God. My beta HCG testing didn’t show an increase so it only meant that I wasn’t pregnant when the tests were taken. She did an internal examination and concluded that I could be ovulating that day and I should expect my menses to commence any day soon. So here I am waiting in vain for Aunt Flo to arrive, my breasts are sore and I hate it.


Doc Shiella will put on the pill for two months and will stop on the third month. Let’s see if that is gonna work.



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