Monday, October 27, 2008

This is what I can think of now..

After 3 cycles of duphaston and seemingly endless wondering-what-happened-to-my-body episodes, I finally got my AF last October 9. 10 days after that, my doctor scanned my ovaries and whalla! the follicular cyst is gone.

I just want to let go of the work up for a little while. I am tired (but not giving up) and drained financially. Guess we are feeling the recession huh? We just dont want our kid to enter the world in this situation. After all, hubby and I are happy with the status quo. It has been financially tiresome, the mortgage is killing us but we are blessed to live in a huge house with a backyard where our dogs can play and just 5 more years and the house will be ours.


Mommy Yette said...

mare, don't worry kahit hindi ka mag work up basta don't stop praying...dadating yan w/o you knowing. Kahit hindi mo plan pag plan ni God it will come.

arlene said...

sis nagpahinga rin pala kayo.. same here! wala na rin budget :) but of course, every month di pa rin maalis na minsan umaasa...

darating rin ung para sa atin :)

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