Monday, September 1, 2008

First of September

Lots of things running in my mind for this month and I am hoping to achieve them by the end of the month. I decided to post my goals on every month start starting today and see if I have achieved them by month end.

Here goes:

  • Lots of birthdays coming in so I need to be in Antipolo for my Lolo's and bro's birthdays. I could hit one bird in two stones if you know what I mean.
  • After learning what my roster would be (darn I sound like an FA), I should be able to start attending bikram yoga, at least START kahit a few sessions lang.
  • Get a facial. Yes, it has been a year since I got my last facial...ewww. I got scared the last time I had it because I almost fainted when this steaming kyeme was my face. I felt like I was not inhaling Oxygen anymore so I felt weird and very thirsty and decided to stop the session.
  • Of course, pass the finals.
  • Now this is something beyond my control: Get my period on my own! No progestins please!
  • Lose at least 2lbs. Weight check: May 19: 128 lbs August 28: 120lbs

Check back on me by month end and let's tick what I will be accomplishing.


maanne said...

hi sis, just passin' by to say hi!
weoow, i wish you luck, i hope you'll achieve your goals for the month! pretty much but i know you'll make it!!!

take care!

ivy said...

sis salamat! good luck din sa akin. hehe!

Ayette said...

Goodluck Ninang sa mga goals mo... "peanut"

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