Thursday, August 14, 2008

On My Own

Last June, just as when I thought that I ovulated because of the egg white creamy discharge, I got my period two weeks after. The supposed two week wait was a wait for Aunt Flo to arrive. I felt that I had questions needed to be answered. I saw my OB.

Besides not able to carry a baby in full term, I thought we were becoming infertile. I was so sure about the egg white creamy discharge in the middle of my cycle. Two weeks after that, I felt all the symptoms which were apparently PMS. I asked OB if it was possible to feel that I have ovulated but really not. Scared to hear what the answer would be, she said that it was just normal. She scanned my ovaries and saw that I had an unruptured follicle at 3.5 cm and again it confirmed that I have PCOS. Mine was a classic textbook example of PCOS.

I am on Metformin and now survived the side effects. Currently at 3 tabs a day at 500mg each. Hopefully I would be able to ovulate on my own on my next cycle.

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