Monday, August 11, 2008

GM's Cup

Last Saturday our company held it's first GM Cup. Six teams from different departents joined the basketball tournament which was held at the basketball grounds of the Starmall just across the street.

Sales team (where I belong) was left with no choice but to pick me as their muse. Hubby's initial reaction;" huh? they should have picked a single woman." Now, is that a sign of something? ( I can't exactly the word is, he is gonna read this :) )

During my teen years, I was always picked as a muse. People say I got nice pair of legs to flaunt.

I was flattered though that I was still considered now that I am single no more.

Thanks to Sales Team who took care of me. These guys really knows who take care of their muse. Good luck guys!


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Arlene Tabamo said...

wow ang taray sis! you look so pretty :)

thanks sa comment sis. it really feels so good to know na i am not really alone in this struggle. it's just that i really got disappointed. siguro ganun talga if you really want something so badly...

anyway, i am on the pill right now and we would wait nga for the follicular cyst to disappear.. siguro it's the right time na din to take a rest and gather more determination and strength pa to go on with the work ups.

thanks so much for the support.... magic baby dust to us! :)

ivy said...

@ arlene

ganun talaga. the more we expect it the more we get disappointed if it does not happen. ako, I have lifted everthing up to the Lord. I expect all possibilities kaya every month when my PT shows single line, carry lang.

take care!

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