Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fresh From the Oven

3 days on the 5am to 2pm seemed like forever. When I heard hubby said that the car was almost done, I was shouting inside for joy. 3 weeks of commuting mode was tiring and drained out the batt in me. Hardest was when we had to wake at 3 am. My hubby's effort to go to work 3 hours earlier than usual was priceless. He didn't let me commute alone at 4 am in the morning. Until last Tuesday morning, we had to ride our newly painted puppy from it's apple green primer to firing red finish. It's scheduled for some buffing this weekend.

I had to admit, i love it.


Ayette said...

ang ganda naman!!!! wow!!!

ivy said...

shempre kelangan kasi maganda nakasakay. wish ko lang hindi na kami mahuli sa SCTEX.

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