Friday, August 1, 2008

First of August

Today is the first day of the 8th month of this year. I hoped for an August 08 baby but I had a nasty infection last year that delayed my ttc. Alone, seated by the computer, listening to New York jazz, it is raining outside and I am already up at 7:27 am. DH is on his way driving the slippery road to work. This day has been long awaited, a day that I could be home alone so that I could start cleaning up the house, do the chores alone.

That reminds me, that it has been a week since I popped my last progestin pill and no menses still. Ive been feeling cramps since yesterday so perhaps it is on its way.

Thanks for those who dropped by my page, I really appreciate it. To all the preggers out there, stay happy and enjoy every second of it!

Happy Weekend!

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