Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hugging The Porcelain Princess

Metformin is really making me sick. I literally threw up acid the other day. Yesterday my mouth tasted like metal and I keeping popping in mints every 15 mins. Before leaving work, I was even more hungry every after eating. 15 mins after having an apple, I had spaghetti and felt hungrier.

But these wont stop me, I know they will go away once my body has adjusted to it. Anyway, it is just my third day on full dosage (1500mg a day).


Ayette said...

Sis you can do it! ako i got adjusted pa nga sa 2000mg per day dosage eh. You need to eat little once in a while.


Baby Dust to you!!!

maanne said...

carry mo yan sis, ur body is just adjusting from the high dosage of ur med... l8r on easy n yan! yakang-yaka mo yan...

keep the faith!
Lots of baby dust!

ivy said...

thanks sis maane! eto as of today mukhang adjusted na ko. wala ng frequent porcelain sits, no hunger pangs, less nausea na at hopefully tuloy tuloy nato. though i noticed parang naging stressed ang face ko.

thanks na lang to sis Ayette at binigyan nia ako ng stress therapy eskinol kyeme! masubukan nga.

thanks sa moral support love you two!!!

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