Thursday, May 22, 2008

Turning another year older

I turned one year older on the 14th of May. I wasn’t able to blog about this on the day itself or even after it because my connection at home sucks, slow as turtle and it takes forever to upload a photo.

I wasn’t expecting much from people that I love. Greetings would be good enough. I am not more of a birthday person like my husband who grew up celebrating his birthday with a party each year. Good dinner would be enough. But my husband had better plans for my birthday. He surprised me with a gift. When he woke up that morning, I was on bed still; he greeted me with a gift on his hand. The gift looked like a bar of soap wrapped in a paper. As I opened it, I first saw the work “4gb”, so I though it was some fancy gadget from CD-R king, a flash drive in a box perhaps. As I unwrapped it, to my surprise it was a 4 GB Ipod Nano! I was so surprised because I had wanted to get one because of its new features. I knew I couldn’t afford it this time, I would rather spend the money on something else. But thank for my dear husband! Love you!

Anyway, it was rainy day. My phonebook was filled with greetings, greeting from people I didn’t expect to greet me. Good thing that my company decided to roll out the paychecks. We went to Katips for my birthday dinner; I could not really choose a better place since I wasn’t hungry whilst deciding which restaurant to go plus it was raining.

Thank you Lord for my life. I thank You for everything that I have right now. Please continue to bless me with Your love.

1 comment:

maanne said...

Belated Happy Birthday sis! Another year older yet wiser!

i hope all your wishes comes your way!

Baby dust!

Take care!

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