Thursday, May 1, 2008

God is so good!

God is so good talaga. Two weeks ago I got household help. I like her kasi malinis sia and she knows how to cook good food. Though she has a salty tongue, I reminded her that hubby and I are not into salty foods. The house is uber clean that I can literally walk barefoot, she loves pets too. Sometimes I caught her talking to my pipay (my half bred lab).

My Pipay has on and off nosebleeds, I wonder if our new help has been talking to her in English??? Anyways, we will see her vet this weekend I hope.

Our MingMing (adopted cat) is pregnant (grrr) again for the third time! I just found out tonight.

My hubby's pitbull is as friendly as it is. Still acts like a lunatic.

Two weeks ago, we finally bought an Intex pool but we havent set it up yet cuz it has been raining.

I took the pregnancy test twice and I'll show the results tomorrow. (drumroll)

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