Friday, March 28, 2008

Under the Weather

It all started with an irritated nose, then sore throat, then occasional sneezing and now, it’s a full grown cold. Just today, I started feeling joint pain and feeling a lil chilly.

The weather is really making me sick. It so hot but there are times that it gets misty. I don’t want to take any meds except for biogesic. The last time I learned that I was pregnant, I had been sick for a week. I took decolgen without even realizing   that I could be pregnant by then. I just don’t know if that hurt my pregnancy.


Yeah, I am more careful now. If my cycle is normal this month, I ovulated last Friday and most fertile last Monday. Crossed fingers!


Anonymous said...

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Babette said...

Hi Ivy, hope u feel better. :)

Definitely Maybe!
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ivy said...

thanks babette!

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