Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maidless and happy

Here are my life’s updates:


• I spent my rest days doing household chores.

• I also had my brain draining final last week. Thanks God it is over.

• I am on my 3rd week on PT for my back. I suffer from MPS or myofascial pain syndrome which makes me feel tired all the time. I’ve been doing a lot of stretching lately.

• I had my period with the aid of synthetic progesterone.

• I finished Command and Conquer 3, GDI campaign, hard difficulty level.

• I have been playing badminton for almost a month now. I play on Fridays.



     Without a household help is definitely a challenge but hey, I have managed a month without it. But I have to admit, it gets very tiresome most of the time. We have dogs that needs to be fed, we have  front and a backyard that has trees and the plants needs watering, we have marbles tiles that needs to be polished all the time. These tasks may seem easy as it sounds but it easier said than done. With my back condition, I could hardly bend my back. But what the heck! I am enjoying these moments anyways. We got the house by ourselves and we got to do anything we want whenever we want….




By the way, Maane thanks for the awards.



1 comment:

maanne said...

hi sis! na-miss kita! yay, doing household chores is really tiring! i can relate to you, kse here, we don't have any maid and the fact that we'll not be needing one any moment! siguro we'll get 1 if we'll have baby na (crossing my fingers for that)...

take care

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