Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nursing a Bacteria

Nothing is really new to me right now. I have been seeing my new OB for since January and I was very relieved that I finally won the battle over BV or bacterial vaginosis. I prayed hard to GOD to take away the infection in me because it was delaying my work up. Ask me how long I had it? I had it for 5 freakin months!


NOPE! BV is not a sexually transmitted infection but is sexually related (that’s how my OB quoted it). Partner has the not so good bacteria and the other partner has it too then sexual contact is equal to imbalance of the normal vaginal flora. BV is very irritating and was threatening to me. I thought it would lead to pelvic inflammatory disease that can cause infertility. I complained of low libido because I kept thinking about the freaking bacteria inside me.


BV is common to women and lucky guys; they don’t have a vagina to harbor this kind of bacteria. How bias it could get huh? No cervical cancer for men ever they are the carrier, no genital warts for them, no period, no pms, no pregnancy… and the list goes on. Mind you, BV is asymptomatic so it is imperative that you do your annual smear test.


Signs of BV:


ü      Unusual foul discharge

ü      Slight itching

ü      Unusual  whitish lotionish  like on your partner’s penis when he pulls it out from you

ü      Could be NO SIGNS at all



Treatments (check with your doctor first before taking anything)


ü      Metronidazole

ü      Clindamycin

ü      Albothyl

ü      Yoghurt treatment. ( You put in yoghurt mixed with acidophilus  into your vagina with a help of needleless syringe)

ü      Lots of WATER

ü      Avoid sweets

ü      Avoid stress


Ways to prevent BV


ü      Don’t douche

ü      Be scrupulous about your hygiene

ü      Thongs? No no! Imagine the thin string from your anus to your vagina…could be a bridge for rectal bacteria. Very bad idea huh?

ü      Avoid chemicals down there. Shampoos, strong soap, bubble bath, strong detergent for you underwear, feminine wash (yes!), panty liners, etc.

ü      No undies the better but of course this is not possible. Skip it during bedtime.



The medicines above were personally prescribed to me by my OB so ask your doctor first before taking any medication. If you suspect that you have it, better to run to a gynecologist for a pap smear to determine which kind of infection hit you for proper treatment.


For more information about BV hit this!

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