Friday, February 29, 2008

A Call for Truth--2/29/08

At this very moment, as my fingers run its way on my black keyboard, thousands are gathered in the streets of the central business district of this country to profess their angst against corruption.  Ayala Ave, Makati is like Wall Street in New York. Offices of million dollar earning companies, international call centers and 5 star hotels are situated along the busy avenue of Ayala.

            In Mindanao State University, 200 students walked out of their classes to call for the ouster of the incumbent.

In California and New York, there were a few Filipinos who lighted a candle and showed their support against corruption.

            Some OFWs will stage a two day zero remittance to show their protest.

            In every part of this world, corruption in this country angers a Filipino.


            I am angry, I am sad. Too bad, I can’t be there. At least, I am writing this blog.



You, what are doing right now?





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