Sunday, December 16, 2007

And it keeps coming back

I got a friggin UTI...again!

That's what my APE results told me. Our HR director told me I needed to be cleared from this.

Few days before seeing my urologist, I decided to take matters with my own hands (and later commended by my doctor). I wanted to do away with the antibiotics. I bought cranberry supplements which I've been taking for 6 days now, I drink at least 3 liters of water a day and half liter of coconut water a day.

My urologist ordered a scan of my kidney and urinary bladder and also a urinalysis. I got the results this morning and I thought I was already a living kidney stone (UTI is recurrent scenario since high school). The scan showed a normal kidney and urinary bladder and the urinalyis showed "FEW" bacteria this time. My APE result said "MANY" bacteria. Bottom line is, my self medication worked for me. I intend to do this until all this nasty bacteria go away.

UTI is very nasty. My worst attack was back in college. I thought my high fever was due to my cough but I was not getting well and my condition was getting worst. My boardmates took me to the hospital because of very high fever and rashes were all over my body. It was just then I was told that it was UTI that caused my condition.

Cure is not cheap too. Nowadays, doctors would not prescribe amox for UTI. Prior to this attack, I was prescribed with a very strong antibitiotic that almost caused me an arm.

I am yet to see my urologist this coming Thursday for final analysis. I hope I get better by then. I want to be cleared of any infection before the year ends because number one on my wishlist for this Christmas is a 2008 baby.


Milky_Way said...

hi sis, good thing you didn't have to take any antibiotics :) buko juice is simply the best but not too much buko meat because its high in cholesterol.

ivy said...

you are right sister! i dont eat the meat though. It's just plain buko water and i felt better since then but i have to frequent the john. In a day, i make about 20 trips to the ladies room. hehehe.

Eya said...

my hubby has uti din, & here my officemate din, but she's taking antibiotics, on & off and fever nya last week pa, suggest ko din to her lots of water at least 4litters, buko juice and sambong :) no more chichiria, pansit canton, patis & soy sauce

ivy said...

correct ka jan eya. im not into junk foods naman eh. cguro lack lang sa water. so far, nawala na yung pananakit ng balakang ko. sana by next week im cleared na. thanks for dropping by!

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