Friday, November 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

I was surprised when my hubby brought up the adoption option during our anniversary dinner. He asked my POV about adopting a baby if nothing happens next year....


Since my last visit to my OB, I havent gone back to her yet. So no work up updates yet.


The other day, my client who happens to be an American High Risk OB GYN told me that there is an 80% chance that my next pregnancy would be successful unless I have a very serious condition. According to him, unless it there is really something wrong with the woman's body, recurrent pregnancy loss runs in the family. Since I am TTC, he told me to take a milligram of folic acid a day and be healthy as possible. Unfortunately, I cant be his patient since he is in the US.


Milky_Way said...

hi sis, so are you guys seriously considering adoption as well?

agree ako na talagang we need to be healthy in order to conceive. yun nga lang talagang sacrifice and mahirap :)

Ivy said...

the idea passes by from time to time. perhaps we will know by next year but we are still young. i dont fret about it yet. pero parang naawa naman ako kay hubby for dragging him in this situation.

Milky_Way said...

yeah i know what you mean:) i'm sure in time we'll be granted our wish to have a child. what's important lang talaga is to support each other:)

My World said...

adoption is not a bad idea. it's also something we've been considering more so because, we've done na 2 IVF's. try mo folic acid. i also had that before.

anyway, ingat lagi.

Ivy said...

@my world

thanks. ive been taking folic acid na rin. baby dust for you!

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