Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pregnancy# 2

September 2006. After my recovery from flu, it was time to go back to work. One thing I noticed though, that I missed my period for two months which was nothing new to me but still, the other night I decided to buy HPT kit.

It came out positive. I took another test and it was positive again. I was with mixed emotions then, unlike the first time. I told hubby about it and I felt he felt the same too. Scared and happy.

When we announced to our parents, they did not want to show any excitement. Superstitions kicked in again. The didn’t want to jinx the pregnancy by being to happy.
We went to a referred OB, she did me a scan. She couldn’t confirm the pregnancy yet. She did see a tiny whole which she later called placenta like. She told me to be back after a few weeks, it was too early to tell. I thought that my ovulation came late since I the last time I got my period was July.

I was feeling all the symptoms.

When you are on your first trimester, according to most of my pregnant friends, NEVER leave your stomach empty cuz it will make you want to puke. I noticed that whenever I skipped breakfast, my day was a hell.

I craved for lugaw (rice porridge) every now and then. I hated lanzones cuz it made my morning sickness worst perhaps because of the acid.

I felt sleepy and tired all the time. Washing two plates seemed to be an arduous task for me.

I always loved the feeling of being pregnant. Pregnant people are always treated with TLC and what I love the most is people giving in to your cravings!

Ohh I miss being pregnant….

To be continued.

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