Monday, November 12, 2007

Pregancy# 2

(continued from previous post)

October 2006. We were off to Capiz and Boracay. It had been planned out couple of months back and there was no turning back. The day before we left, I saw an OB and asked if she could prescribe me synthetic progesterone. She suggested an ultrasound scan to check the viability of the pregnancy which I refused. I told her I wanted to do it with my hubby since I wouldn’t bear the pain if there would be strike 2. With that, she told me that she wouldn’t prescribe synthetic progesterone. She explained that if I take the drug and later finds out that it is another blighted ovum, it will hold the placenta and will be hard to expel. She just gave B vitamins to lessen my morning sickness.

October 21, 2006. Just a few days after our Bora trip, my new ob ordered an ultrasound scan. I was on my 8th week then. As we near the laboratory, my heart was pounding harder and harder. We were so scared, nervous and excited at the same time. Unfortunately, my hubby was not allowed to go in with me. I wasn’t looking at the monitor while the technician did the scan. I was afraid to see a hole again but I couldn’t help it. I asked the lady technician if she could see something. “That pounding, is your baby’s heartbeat”, she said. I was so amazed that I started crying out of happiness. How I wished hubby was with me. I asked the assistant if I could show the scan image to my hubby. Just like me, he was so happy. Inside the car, we were crying and forever thanking God for our baby’s heartbeat. We started spreading the news and like us, every one was just happy for us.

We started to day dream for our baby. Our hopes, our dreams were always discussed inside the car on our way to work. Daydreaming will always be one of the best parts of my pregnancies.

to be continued...

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williamaanne said...

ey girl, wats up? can't access ur shotbox e, nka-block yta d2 s ofc... by d way, how's ur check-up? hope everythin' went well! more updates pls..... tc!

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