Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Biopsy Results

Getting my biopsy result was not easy task. I had to get that within 1 and a half hour. I took two trains back and forth. I was even scolded by a rude jeep driver that the fare went up by 50 cents.

My FNAB result say that smears contained a lot of blood and few colloids was found.

I am not gonna do it again soon. Hubby and I decided so see a repro endoc. We want to know if the cyst would hurt my TTC status and eventually pregnancy. I don’t want the idea of removing one of my thyroids because there is a .5 cm cyst in it. Well of course, if it is malignant, I am left with no choice.

Can you recommend a reproductive endocrinologist for me?


KikayC said...

dra. lara aleta
tuesdays and thursdays st. luke's 1502 CHBC towers tel no: 7213498

Milky_Way said...

sis, aspiration di ba they will try to drain it lang by using a needle yata?

so, wala ka talgang goiter? its more of a growth lang in your thyroid area?

Ivy said...


sis thanks. ive heard so much about her.

Ivy said...

@milky_way yun na nga sis, sa sobrang liit hindi ata natamaan tingin ko. kasi according sa result, there were too much blood found sa smears and there were few colloid something found then.
hindi lumiit yung size when the doc drew the sample.

yeah sis, its not a goiter but a .5 cm or 5 mm cystic nodule.

Milky_Way said...

ah ok, i had an assistant kasi who had a similar problem. mine kasi was really goiter. single pa kasi assitant ko kaya sa endoc lang sya nag consult. although hers was one mass lang ata. good luck sis, i hope you find the doctor that you're looking for :)

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