Monday, October 22, 2007

Biopsy? Done and Done!

Biopsy done. Everyone has been asking since Saturday “did it hurt?” Bloody Y E S but the pain went away after a few minutes. The scary part was just the hit of the needle into the skin. When the needle was inside, it felt like something heavy was on top of area. He hit me (doesn’t sound good), or should I say, he hit me with a needle twice being teeny weenie cyst, he had to make sure he gets a tissue sample of a 7mm lump.

Oh by the way before the procedure, I had a ton of ultrasound gel on my neck because the doctor could not get enough view of the lump and was making sure that needle entry would be precise. He also made pen markings just like what I saw in NIP TUCK.

It felt like my neck was punched but after a few hours it went away.

What’s next? OB talked to my surgeon, either malignant or benign; she wanted to have it removed. A lobectomy. She explained that it would eventually get bigger specifically when I take fertility pills and during pregnancy.

I still want to know my options but I am leaning more on the surgery but when I recall medical malpractice stories, it makes me scared. I recall this nurse in Medical City that had a surgery for something minor and ended up coma. This is what my hubby fears about too. I told hubby that I am willing to do everything for a safe pregnancy. A third miscarriage could be unbearable to me already. I am gonna do what it takes to have a baby. After all conception is not really a problem for me. I know that there is something wrong inside me and I am confident that it can be corrected.

The thought of my baby in my arms, makes me stronger and I know one day, after all what I have to go through, a daydream will turn into a reality.


Milky_Way said...

hi sis, why don't you get a second opinion sa endoc and ob? kasi parang masyadong aggressive yng suggestion ng ob mo about it.

KikayC said...

okay, I read the previous blog first so my comment isn't valid anymore. anyway, I would get a second opinion. I hate going under the knife especially if it isn't really needed. I had a laparoscopy to check my tubes and I thought an HSG was more appropriate but like you said, we'd do anything to have a baby in our arms right?

Ivy said...

@milky_way, weird, last night i dreamt that I was looking for a RE online.
that's what i thought so kasi im neither hypo or hyper.

@kikayc that's right, i thought naman kasi of eliminating all possible reasons of a miscarriage. If I dont get the sugery, tapos mag recur na naman, perhaps I might blame the little cyst in me.

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