Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Story of My Pregnancy and Miscarriage: Breaking the Pregnancy News #1.

January 2006. It has been a month since I stopped working. It has also been a month since Lic and I started to live together. Starting to live together was not easy, many couples will amen to this but being together all the time was just romantic.
I started sending my resumes everywhere but I focused more on airline companies to start realizing my childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant. I was lucky to get a call from one of the Middle Eastern airlines and was scheduled for an assessment. As expected, getting in was not easy. I was not accepted.
I got a job offer from my present company. The pay was good, the work was easy and the office was a trike away from me. I took it. The rest of the month was spent with training and immersion to the company.
February. My breasts felt like bursting anytime but it didn’t bother me since I was expecting a red flag anytime that week. The week passed by but no period came which didn’t bother me at all, it was just another delay, I thought. At work, I noticed that I was frequenting the john for every 5 or 10 mins to pee which was unusual. It wasn’t UTI, urinating wasn’t painful at all. I was thirsty and February felt like May to me that I had to drink water every 10 mins.
A colleague suggested buying a PT. I didn’t enter my mind until she told me. So I did. When I got to my father in law’s house (it was his birthday, so I had to sleep over), I was contemplating as to which time I was going to take the PT; either before or after bedtime. I was thinking that if I take it before bedtime, I may not be able to sleep well whatever the results are. If I take it after bedtime, I may not be able to sleep as well because I would be excited to take the PT. What the …? Anyway, I found myself in the bathroom taking the test. First line showed….hmmmm….I closed my eyes for a few minutes, 3 minutes felt like forever. I couldn’t wait any longer, I cheated. I peeked and I was stunned, dumb founded, surprised, whatever you call it, to see TWO PURPLE LINES!!!!!. I immediately ran towards the kitchen, everybody was busy preparing for the party. “ It’s Positive!!!!”. Unconsciously I was jumping out of joy, I was crying. Everyone was excited. I had to tell Lic, but I wanted to see his face. I wanted to see his reaction but I couldn’t wait anymore. I called him up (he was at work) and announced that he was going to be a daddy. He couldn’t believe it. He thought it was just one of my daydreaming moments. He sounded excited and nervous.
The pregnancy was such a headline for his clan. There was a party that night, so the excited daddy to be couldn’t help but tell everyone. He already had names for the baby that night.

The days that followed? Is another story.

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