Monday, October 29, 2007

Of course every after miscarriage or abortion, a D&C is always recommended.

A dilatation and curettage (D&C) is an operation performed on women to scrape away the womb lining. The cervix (neck) of the uterus (womb) is dilated using an instrument called a dilator. The endometrium (lining of the womb) is then lightly scraped off using a curette. This spoon-shaped instrument can be used to remove diseased tissue, treat abnormal bleeding or to obtain a specimen for diagnostic purposes. It is performed usually under general anesthetic.

We went back to the hospital around 4pm. I was prepped up for the procedure. It was sad to be in the labor room and not having labor pains at all. I was the only one relaxed and not screaming in pain. Dextrose? That was my first time but I showed no fear at all. I pretended to be strong. After all, it was not the only needle I expect to be poked in me. It was funny how the med tech had to poke around the needle to get a blood sample from my arm and later told me that she had to do it again. I didn’t contest. I was too numb.

After almost an hour, my ob arrived together with the anesthesiologist. I was surprised when they told me that I would be one spinal anesthesia. I had no emotions to contest. I just let them do what they think they had to do.

Everyone was busy in the operating room. I saw the scary long thick needle in my anesthesiologist’s hand. He ordered me to bend while I was my side and not to move a nerve. I couldn’t help it, I startled when he the needle went through my spine. A few seconds after that, I was half paralyzed. He tested my state by poking needles on my legs and butt and asked me if I felt anything.

They nurses lifted my legs just like what we see in movies when someone is giving birth. I could see every person coming in and out of the room, and they were a lot. While OB was doing the scraping, I was chilling which I later found out due to the anesthesia. I felt bored. I thought the procedure would only last 15 minutes as told. I played with my heart beat to keep me busy. On my right was a heart beat monitoring device, the one with the lines. When lines go flat then you are dead. Anyhow, I noticed that whenever I inhale my heart rate went faster and slowed down when I exhale. Hmm, interesting. I didn’t know that.

I was finally sent to recovery room after an hour and to my room after 2 hours. Waiting inside RR was worst. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t drink, and everyone seemed to be in a miserable state after operation. Nurses were loud. The first person I saw when I was wheeled out was my then bf now hubby. I felt his boredom while waiting for me. I know he is not the patient with waiting.

Here comes the painful part. The nurse told me to pee before midnight otherwise they would force me with a catheter which everyone abhors. So stupid I was, I took as many water as I could. After that, I felt the need to go. Bedpan? Nope, it didn’t come out. I let 10…then 20 then 30 minutes passed but it didn’t come out. My bladder felt like bursting but I couldn’t let it out for some reason I didn’t know. I was screaming at my hubby to get the nurse for me. The feeling was “worstest” than trying to hold on your bladder while you are in the car stuck in traffic, in the middle of the busy avenue of EDSA. Finally they decided to insert a catheter, which didn’t hurt because of the anesthesia was still alive and kickin. 700 ml pee was what they got out of me. Came morning, I felt the pain that the catheter left in my uterine.

After two nights in the hospital, I was sent home. The bill? As if I had a normal delivery. Expensive I thought.

Recovery is never easy…….


william said...

sis, i admire you for being brave, if i'll be in your situation i would definitely freak out, i've never been hospitalized, the smell of that place makes me more sick! i wish i'll be strong like you, you're such a fighter! honestly, i can feel the pain that you're experiencing while reading your entry... keep the faith!

Ivy said...

thanks for your empathy. Actually I had this twice. If the lobectomy is necessary, i am also willing to do that..anything just to have a baby!

baby dust!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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