Monday, October 8, 2007

My Work Up Plan #1: My Dear Thyroid

I had an appointment with my OB yesterday. Before seeing her, the nurse took my BP and I was shocked that it was higher than what should be normal for my age. It read 130/90 for a 26 year old woman. I thought it was the chilly atmosphere of the clinic that made my heart beat faster.

After a few minutes, my husband and I were already inside my doctor’s office. She read me the results of my T3, T4, TSH and FBS tests. Everything was normal but they were either above or below average and were almost hitting the baseline. My OB also noticed my neck; she said she finds it noticeable and thought that there could be either a mass or cysts. She explained the importance of healthy thyroid glands with pregnancy.

Hypothyroidism can give your off spring a congenital disease. Dwarfism is another adverse effect. Thyroid Glands also play a major role in our body’s hormonal balance especially for women. Hypothyroidism (an under active thyroid) can lead to a reduction of sex hormone binding globulin and increase in free testosterone. Free testosterone is one of the factors contributing to PCOS symptoms -- infertility, polycystic ovaries, hirsutism, male pattern hair loss, and acne.

On the other hand, insulin resistance is said to be the major cause of PCOS (yes I got it too). My FBS result was above average but still within the normal range.

I was ordered to have a thyroid ultrasound and to see an internal med doctor. She told me to see her after I have my thyroids checked. No cabbage, lettuce or any light green leafy vegetables. Iodized salt should be included in my meals.

Apparently, the ultrasound showed a tiny cyst in my left thyroid. I should see the specialist soon. Each post that I make in this blog, intensifies my wanting for a baby.


Milky_Way said...

hi sis, yup super important ng thyroid in trying to conceive. pa alaga ka rin sa endoc mo.

yup, i have to make time to workout kasi i need to loose weight. as a result of my hypothyroid i gained a lot weight compared to before. plus the fact na i had slight scoliosis.

Ivy said...

hi sis thanks for dropping by.

they found a tiny cyst sa left thyroid ko,im hoping it is something than can asipirated.

Ivy said...

can be aspirated

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