Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Dear Thyroid Update

I am scheduled for a biopsy this coming Saturday. The surgeon told me that he wanted to make sure that this teenee weenee cyst in my left thyroid is benign. He will poke the cyst with a very fine needle guided by an ultrasound machine; and the fluid will be sent to a pathologist to check if cancer cells are present (which I pray to all the saints that is not cancerous). I am pretty confident about this. He told me not to worry since it is just fluid and not a mass. Most cases, mass or solid lumps in the thyroid are usually malignant but still can be removed with no immediate effect.

Now I wonder how does that supposed "fine needle" feel? argggghhh!

Mommyyyyy, cover my eyes please??!!!!

1 comment:

KikayC said...

oh mi gosh! I hope it's painless or at least they sedate you.

My hubby had a cyst in his parotid gland (salivary gland) and had the same thing done. It only took a few minutes and got the results right away.

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