Monday, October 15, 2007

The Story of My Pregnancy and Miscarriage: The First Check Up

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As excited first time parents to be, I wanted to get the best care possible. We went to my OB the day after finding out. Unluckily, she was in a convention. Her secretary told me that an OB resident could check me up for the meantime. Okay. I can’t wait for my OB to confirm my pregnancy anyway so go ahead, send her over, I thought.
After a few minutes, my legs were spread with my vagina facing the resident. What an ugly site she had. Hahaha. Anyway, she confirmed that I was pregnant via IE. She explained that normally, something (I referred it to something because I can’t recall the term) is soft when you are pregnant. She made me touch tip of my nose, she said that how hard “something” is if you are not pregnant and it becomes soft as your lips when you are. Hmmm, isn’t that interesting. (Now, I’m tempted to stick my finger inside me to know what that something is.). She ordered lab tests to make sure that I am healthy. No STD, no UTI, no Hepa and the likes. The tests turned out to be okay.

The First check up, Now with my OB.

“ Doc, Im pregnant na!” She could feel my excitement. A few months ago, I was in the same office and talking about conception. She said that she got the results of my lab tests and they were all satisfactory. She ordered an ultrasound scan to check fetal viability. Based on my last menstrual period, it was my 5th week and was supposed to give birth on October 15.

The Ultrasound Scan.

It was such a shame that a male doctor cum sonologist was the mighty one tasked to do the scan. I had no choice. He inserted something in me (glad it was not his finger otherwise he would have been six feet under after that), and there was a fancy, black and white tv from the 80’s in front of me. I realized it was an external monitor for the ultrasound machine. After a few minutes, I was already looking at my uterus. I was staring at a hole. A hole? He explained that it was the placenta, no fetal pole yet. According to the ultrasound, the gestational age was almost 4 weeks. That’s the time he called in my ex bf (now my hubby) and showed the scan. He was amazed and looked excited that he could see a hole…He asked about the hole. The doctor explained again. We were advised to be back after two weeks to check the heartbeat. He said that it was a very early pregnancy and it was just normal that at that point, only a hole inside a hole (yes, my hole) would be visible.

That hole on your right, gave every one in our families a royal excitement.

to be continued...

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