Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Baby Dust to All!

After two miscarriages, one blighted ovum and one fetal demise, and because of the noticeable growing number of miscarriages in my circle, I have decided to create a blog that will talk everything and anything about pregnancy, miscarriages, fertility and even life as a woman.


KikayC said...

I'm sorry for what you have to go through. I had only one miscarriage and yet I was so devastated. I admire your courage.

Baby dust to you.

KikayC said...

and I sent you pala a PM on girl talk...sorry for the late reply.

Ivy said...

hi kikayc!
thanks for dropping by.

i read your blogs from start to finish. i was thrilled by what you had to go through with your pregnancy.

She is so pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a nursing student (male nurse) and I had my first fetal demise experience and I can only say that I admire a woman's strength for only she knows how heavy the weight of the lost of her child. My condolences to you, and it is because the world will always need a helping hand is why I choose this profession...

Jorge Anderson
SNA President

venus said...

Hi my name is venus. i have read your stories and have got some strength from it. i had a miscarriege at 4 weeks after IVF, and i am now pregnant for the second time as a result of IVF. I had my first scan at 5 weeks and was told i had either miscarried or had a chemical pregnancy as nothing could be seen from the scan. i went back a week later at 6 weeks, and was told that a sac could be seen, but it was too early to see a baby as they claimed the sac measured a 5week 4 days pregnancy. my dates were not off as i had IVF. another week later, at 7 weeks, i had a scan and was told by the doctor that all they could see was the sac and the yolk sac, but nothing else. which to me was good as it was a development from the last scan. they told me that this was not a good sign, and that this may be a failing pregnancy. i am very down and depressed as i thought that because there has been progress within the womb it was a good sign. i then went back for anothe scan today at 7weeks, 5 days. they cant even see the yolk sac that the saw a few days ago! i have had no pain or bleeding. has anyone ever had this and it turned out well? pls heip

ivy said...

Dear Venus,

Thank you for dropping by. I hate to say it perhaps you already had miscarried naturally without you even noticing it. But I am not God to tell what really happened.
I suggest that you have your HCG levels tested and see if its decreasing. If it is, then just be prepared.

I am so sorry to hear about this and I swear that hearing stories like this breaks my heart. It brings back memories,sad memories but I am here to lend an ear always.

Good luck!

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